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before i begin saying anything else, i would just like to say thank you to all my followers. thanks to everyone who has followed me, i’ve passed the 500 follower mark. this is my first follow forever of the year, and the only reason why i made a follow forever is because of my followers :) with this said, i wanted to make a follow forever not only for the 513 followers i gained, but also to share with all those followers people and blogs i love and tumblr.

some of these blogs are people i love and and i consider them special and (good) friends of mine. and then some of these blogs are people who are just so freaking awesome that i admire from afar but have never had the courage to speak to yet, except for those rare moments. but really, every blog i list here are definitely blogs i don’t plan on ever unfollowing.

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AU: Alex as Wonder Woman (anon inspired me to do this).

Alex in 2013

"I guess we’re all technically American" I WANT TO THANK NOT ONLY GOD BUT JESUS THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am so DONE wth people refering to USA as America. BITCH, not only that. Mexico is considered North America, and so is Canada, so we ARE North American too. Its not our fault the USA cant be called USAnians. - Anonymous

USAnians, haha! You’re welcome. I myself am getting tired of everyone incorrectly associating people with where they live. 

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i love your tumblr, you're american? - Anonymous

I guess we’re all technically American, but I (Lydia) am North American  and I live in the United States. Jess and Bárbara are South American/Brazilian and they both live in Brazil. 

EDIT: whoa hold up, i’ve never said i’m a Brazilian. I’m actually an Asian hahaha. -jess

Logan + Alexandra arriving and leaving together at the GLAAD Media Awards.

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Did Alexandra and Logan date? - Anonymous

Some days I think they are and others days i don’t think so, I honestly don’t know.

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How does her fans feel about Alexandra getting the Wonder Woman role? I am fairly certain she is WW and Warner Bros. are going to anounce the casting soon. - Anonymous

I’d love see her as Wonder Woman, is one of the character I would most like to see her playing. I mean, just look at her and you will see that she’s perfect for the role, i’m sure most fans would agree with that. 

Now if she will do the role I don’t know, haven’t seen any rumors about it.

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"It’s a crazy, crazy world to inhabit, and I found that it’s great as an actress because you really stretch yourself and you can go to places that you usually don’t touch." [x]