She’s driving 92 mph in a 65 and singing along to “Dreams” by The Cranberries. She pauses to say, “I dented someone’s bumper yesterday but I left them a note.” She swerves over an embankment to make our exit and laughs and says, “Don’t put that I drive like this in your story!”
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Burying The Ex in the 71st Venice Film Festival line-up

Toronto unveiled their first wave of titles on Tuesday, and today it’s Venice’s turn, with the festival revealing what they’ll be unspooling on the Lido. And as usual, it’s an auteur heavy selection, but even we weren’t expecting American horror legend Joe Dante to be given a slot. But it’s a pleasant surprise.

Indeed, his upcoming “Burying The Ex” has nabbed an Out Of Competition slot. The horror comedy stars Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario and Oliver Cooper, and it sounds like it’ll be something a bit off the beaten path for those in Venice. Here’s the official synopsis: Burying The Ex is an outrageous horror-comedy in which a young man’s romance with his dream girl takes an unexpected turn when his dead ex-girlfriend rises from the grave… and thinks they are still dating!


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Alexandra Daddario at the Noah premiere in New York | 03.26.14

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Alexandra DaddarioPeter Som Spring 2014 Fashion Show | 09.06.13

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about alex
links to download stuff and watch movies & tv shows [so recently we found out that many of our earlier posts were missing/ deleted and since there’s no way to get every single of it back, I, Jess decided to make a page to post and keep them including all the links that I can still find. The page is still on improvement so be patience if you still can’t find the links you’re looking for. We will also do our best to find all the possible links for you to watch alex’s movies and her appearances on tv shows.]

Also, please welcome our new WHD member; Julia ( From now on, she will help us all get updated with all the latest news, photos, and everything of Alex. Cheers!

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Alexandra Daddario @ The Grove, LA | 07.19.14

Alexandra Daddario @ The Grove, LA | 07.19.14

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Alexandra Daddario spotted @ The Grove, LA | 07.19.14 (+)

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Married - pilot.

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